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Described as “enthusiastic, inspired, and creative”, Duo Tinúviel is committed to sharing, expanding, and exploring classical music for voice and guitar. Comprised of Canadian-Hungarian soprano Jessica Türje and Canadian classical guitarist Michael Ibsen, Duo Tinúviel is currently focusing on Spanish art song with music by Manuel de Falla, Joaquin Rodrigo, Federico Garcia Lorca, Roberto Gerhard, and Fernando Sor, although they also present a variety of other music in their concerts.


With Jessica’s large and vibrant vocal colour and new advances in amplification technology, they are crafting a uniquely powerful blend of sound that brings a new dimension to what is traditionally expected from voice and guitar.


Trained in Canada at the University of Toronto and University of British Columbia, Duo Tinúviel made their debut in 2018 at the Mountain View International Festival of Song and Chamber Music, and in a subsequent tour of concerts in Alberta, British Columbia, and Washington State. Since then they have moved to Europe, pursued studies in Berlin, Amsterdam, and Maastricht, and can be heard in concerts across the Netherlands. They have also performed in the Palencia region in Spain as part of the Camino Artes Guitar program in 2019.


They have worked and trained with artists such as Jonathan Crow, Carlo Marchione, Joseph Johnson, Pedro Mateo Gonzalez, and Marta Liébana. Jessica and Michael live in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where they enjoy exploring, biking, cooking, playing music together and teaching  their private voice and guitar students. 

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"They can please any audience with their disarming way of making music."

 - John Paris, Presenter for Muziek Jong voor Oud

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